Moroccan Birds is owned by Spanish Nature, The Company for Quality Birding Holidays. We have setup this website to share all our knowledge and experience of travelling and birding around in Morocco, with those people who are interested in the birds and culture of this beautiful country too. The philosophy of Moroccan Birds is identical to the philosophy of Spanish Nature, Travel together as friends
Moroccan Birds is organizing birding tours in Morocco.
The most important difference with other Birding Tour organizers is that for our tours the quality of the whole tour in all its details is as important as seeing high numbers of birds. The aim is to provide our fellow travellers with a well organized and most enjoyable holiday with as a main activity birding, but always giving the opportunities to join-in or to opt-out. That is why you will find on our tours many couples, of which only one person is the real birder. Not necessary to say that we only work  with the best qualified birding guides, who are in all aspects fellow travellers too.
A main objective always is to try to give something back to the visited country by employing as much as we can local people. In Morocco we recently have started an Education program. For more details:
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